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Electrical Construction


To ensure the quality and effectiveness of your electrical systems, Kelso-Burnett now offers a variety of acceptance, discovery and maintenance tests. These professional inspections can be crucial in helping eliminate any dangers in your facility, thereby preventing potential injuries to yourself, your employees and your customers.

Our trained professionals also offer a variety of tests that serve more specific needs. For example, transformer testing can be crucial in determining the estimated life span of your machines, which can help you prevent costly failures. Our comprehensive transformer testing includes Doble power factor testing, oil-gas analyses, turns-ratio testing and polarization index tests. We also offer online monitoring, which offers you an advanced means of obtaining user power factor values without the need to shut down your system.

Additionally, Kelso-Burnett offers DC and AC High Potential testing, which is a necessity for new cable to ensure that it will not fail upon energizing. We also test automatic transfer switches using 100% rated load banks, Doble power factor testing, relay calibration and mechanical vibration analysis.


Additional tests we offer include:

  • Cable Fault Locator
  • Circuit Breaker
  • EMF and MFI
  • Generator
  • Ground Fault System
  • Ground (Earth) Resistance
  • Infrared and Ultrasonic Surveys
  • Instrument Transformers (CT and PT)
  • Load Studies
  • Motors
  • Power Quality and Harmonics  
  • Underground Cable Locator
  • UPS and Battery Systems
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