Safe and Efficient

Since our inception over a century ago, Kelso-Burnett has specialized in a variety of electrical demolition services, ranging from Electrical Safe-Off procedures to the precision demolition of historical equipment.

In any electrical demolition process, our top priority continues to be ensuring a high level of safety while maintaining operational efficiency. Over the years, we have gained valuable experience in the precision circuit tracing necessary in critical environments such as hospitals and data centers. Our electricians and project managers are highly skilled at developing innovative strategies to keep your facilities operational while removing damaged or antiquated equipment.


Electrical Demolition Contractor of Choice

With countless years of experience under our belt, many companies turn to Kelso-Burnett for our professionalism and ability to accommodate your needs and schedule. And whether the job calls for a simple removal of abandoned systems or the creative re-use of an existing electrical infrastructure, we are proud to be the contractor of choice in the demolition market.