Working Together to Ensure Success

Design/Assist is the fastest growing method of project delivery in the country. It’s not only popular among owners but is also becoming the method of choice for developers, contractors and design professionals.

Besides being cost effective, Design/Assist creates a teamwork environment in which all parties work together to ensure success. This results in a higher level of quality and workmanship, a faster turnaround time, a more acute attention to detail and a lower risk of error.


Benefits of the Design/Assist Method

A study performed in a post-doctoral research report entitled “A Comparison of United States Project Delivery Systems” by Mark D. Konchar at Penn State University highlights the benefits of the Design/Assist method:

  • Unit cost (final project cost divided by the area) was at least 4.5% less than Construction Management at Risk and 6% less than Design/Bid/Build
  • Construction speed (facility gross square footage divided by the construction time) was at least 7% faster than Construction Management at Risk and 12% faster than Design/Bid/Build
  • Delivery speed (facility gross footage divided by the design and construction time) was at least 23% faster than Construction Management at Risk and 33% faster than Design/Bid/Build

Years of Construction Experience and Expertise

At Kelso-Burnett, we pride ourselves on our ability to work together as a team to successfully complete projects using the Design/Assist method. Our staff of electrical engineers brings years of construction experience and expertise to each project, and every drawing is carefully reviewed and every system thoroughly checked before being stamped.

In addition, our contract managers work closely with owners and architects to make sure every contingency is accounted for prior to commencing work. Our CADD department accurately details each drawing to ensure proper installation, and all materials, labor and job expenses are accurately tracked through our Project Management accounting system.


Complete Turnkey Package

And, because Kelso-Burnett covers a wide range of disciplines, we are able to offer a complete turnkey package that integrates electrical, telecommunications, fire alarm, sound systems, CCTV, card access and HVAC controls.

For more information on Kelso-Burnett’s Design/Assist abilities, please contact the Division Manager at the branch nearest you.