Chicago, Illinois

  • Architect: None (Direct to Owner)
  • General Contractor: Various

Kelso-Burnett Co. has been working with Midwest Generation at Crawford & Fisk Generating Stations for over seventy years. Over the years, we’ve worked with Midwest Generation for many of their electrical needs that consist mainly of maintenance and utility-type work. Projects include boiler front re-builds, transformer repairs, precipitator builds, cable repairs, cable tray install FD and ID, fan repairs and replacements, turbine repairs, and bus duct repairs and cleaning.

Recently, Kelso-Burnett Co. completed the removal and installation of a transformer rectifier from the roof of the electrostatic precipitator at Crawford Station. The use of a crane was not possible for the removal, so Kelso-Burnett’s project team called upon Midwest Helicopter in order to remove and replace the 5,000 pound transformer. The entire cycle from removal to re-install took only sixteen minutes to complete. For over thirty years, Kelso-Burnett electricians and technicians have provided installations such as double-ended switchgear, generators, UPS’s, TVSS’s explosion proof work, structured cabling, copper and fiber-optic backbones, fire alarms, and countless others totaling over $100 million in work.