Over and over, Kelso-Burnett has confirmed that collaboration at the earliest stages of any project benefits all parties, especially owners. In addition to offering cost efficiencies, early cooperative teaming serves quality assurance, schedule and safety to consistently deliver overall client satisfaction.

Kelso-Burnett continually upgrades both its high-level technological and training resources to keep pace with the demands of sophisticated design planning, development and implementation. Our Virtual Construction team works with all project partners to plan efficient and safe installations and ensure that on-going building operations are optimally simplified.


During construction, our field supervisory teams optimize the flow of information through the use of digital plan rooms, smart boxes, foreman iPads and live-time construction scheduling. While maintaining control of the overall project schedule, these tools also allow the entire construction team, both virtual and physical, to communicate inter-dependencies, arrange deliverables and promote prefabricated installations.

We actively engage with projects utilizing various construction delivery methods including:

  • Pre-construction
  • Design/Build
  • Design/Assist
  • Integrated Project Delivery