Building the Future for over 100 Years

Since 1908, Kelso-Burnett’s vision in electrical contracting has set the standard for electrical construction in the Midwest.

Kelso-Burnett Specializes in the Following:

Power Distribution

A thoughtful and well implemented power distribution strategy is the foundation of for any electrical system. Kelso-Burnett has experience designing, installing and maintaining simple to very complex power distribution systems ranging in voltage from 110 Volts to 13k Volts including emerging configurations that are integrating alternative energy sources.

Mission Critical

Severe weather and various electrical complications can interrupt utility power flow with potentially devastating results especially for data centers that are expected to operate 24/7. Kelso-Burnett continually reinvests in the technology and training necessary to develop systems that ensure the appropriate level of interim power during instances of unexpected outages.


Design/Assist is the fastest growing method of project delivery in the country. It’s not only popular among owners but is also becoming the method of choice for developers, contractors and design professionals.


Lighting is a critical component of any project and Kelso-Burnett has the experience and resources to expertly coordinate highly complex lighting installations involving detailed specifications, the latest in lighting control technology and intricate delivery scheduling.

Project Delivery

Over and over, Kelso-Burnett has confirmed that collaboration at the earliest stages of any project benefits all parties, especially owners. In addition to offering cost efficiencies, early cooperative teaming serves quality assurance, schedule and safety to consistently deliver overall client satisfaction.

Electrical Demolition

Kelso-Burnett has specialized expertise with a variety of demolition services ranging from Electrical Safe-Off procedures to the precision deconstruction of outdated and historical equipment. In each electrical demolition process, we achieve a careful balance between ensuring a high level of safety and maintaining ongoing operational efficiency.